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Full Adult Entertainment
So Many Options With Me !!!!
  1. Full Service Entertainment
    Full Service Entertainment
    Intimate Companionship at its Best! Full Body contact. Fulfill your need for affection and intimacy.
  2. Body Rub Session
    Body Rub Session
    Be Touched From Head to Toe!! Blended of Several Touch Types.
  3. The Best of Both
    The Best of Both
    Sensual Body Rub Combined with Full Service Entertainment
About Me
Hello Gentlemen. Please allow me to introduce myself to you and to describe my services to you. My name is Cyndi. I am 37 years and I am experience in a full range of erotic adult entertainment. I’m a beautiful, curvy gal with all the right stuff in all the right places. I have delicious DD's that need attention!! I’m a lot of woman and not for the weak of heart !! Only real men can handle all of this wild woman !!
I'm confident and happy with my curves. I  like to have fun enjoy the pleasures that all women are gifted with but may not appreciate as much as I do.

All my photos are real !! I want you to know that what you see is what you get and a whole lot more. No games, no drama here. I’m just a fun loving gal that enjoys men and all that comes with it. I’m a free spirit and do not limit myself to the ordinary and the mundane. I like to explore, role play, with experience in dom and most of the things that fall under the fetish category.
If you want a Princess, I can be that for you....but if  you want a dirty talking, sex craved nymph...well, I can be that too !!!  
If you are concerned that I might not like what you are into, then just drop me a note and ask !! Just be careful about your terminology in email communications, be as respectful as you can and use anagrams….unlike other girls, I’m ok with that. If there is an anagram for it, I most likely am game to it !! Again, be careful with terminology in communications with me. If you are too explicit and say things that are incriminating, I will not come see you. Its a safety thing!!

If you like to play with toys, then you must bring your own. I do not provide. If you have a foot fetish, mine are well kept and manicured!!
Let's Play
=Fetish Friendly
=Role Playing
Date Night
=Hang Out
=Dinner Date
=Hit the Bars
=Movie Night
The Session Details

Please read my entire ad before calling me so you know what to expect!! I hope to explain exactly what I offer in this posting so there is no confusion when you meet me. If you are not able to read this entire ad, then I probably am not going to be a good match for you! I am able to write this much and I am looking for a gentleman who is at least able to read this much!

I am an excellent conversationalist and can hold my own with most people. Perhaps one of my most important qualities is my love of meeting new friends! My excitement is contagious and you’ll soon join me in a world of excitement and fun. If you are shy, no worries…I’ll get you through this….I can be as slow and gentle as you need or NOT !!!

Please let me explain why I think I might be a good companion for you. First, I am beautiful, confident and sexually charged. I love to play and be played with!!

We will take the time to get to know each other. I will make you feel comfortable and make sure you feel at ease of my genuinely welcoming personality. You will not feel like a stranger when in my company, but rather, I will guide you and encourage you to relax, open up and let go while focusing on receiving. You will never feel rushed and will always be treated with an enormous amount of care and respect. My persona and the way I conduct myself won't leave you feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed! I am authentic in every sense of the word. My ability to intuitively connect with you and my unique skill and mastery of the art of touch is the difference between me and those others out there. I expertly utilize our time together in a specially crafted routine that maximizes your experience

I take what I do seriously! I take you seriously. In order to get repeat clientele, in order to have you return to me, time and time again, I realize I need to delivery a unique and pleasurable experience.

About Our Time Together

You were drawn to the listings in Backpage because you are in search of some intimacy, touch, affection. Maybe, you crave the comforting & nurturing touch of a sensual, intelligent, compassionate woman whose abilities go beyond what you find in any "therapeutic massage" or "body rub" experience. I offer a great body rub experience that involves multiple touch types, to include body scratching and feather touching. I am a rare breed on Backpage that will offer body rub time and intimate companionship as well.

As you should already know, I am not a licensed massage therapist, however I have had extensive studies in the art and have trained with some very experienced Body Rub mentors, male and female. In addition, I have combined the feedback from so many of my sessions with what I have learned in my studies to create a very sensual and therapeutic experience. Because I cater to the individulal, each experience will be unique. Our chemistry and your whims will dictate how our sessions will be played out. 

From the moment I walk thru your door and lay upon your bed, you will be on a blissful ride that you will never want to end! I am here to indulge you with highly skilled touch and relaxing pleasure. What happens with each session is what we decide together will happen at any given moment. Two people create different energies which is why all sessions are different. It is my goal to offer you not only a physical and mental release, but also bring you to a place where you can become more in tune with your body and learn how to be open to receive. Simply relax and enjoy....I love to indulge in these pleasures as well.

I cater to a wide range of tastes ! So, if a body rub is not what  you want today and you prefer to have only an intimate companionship session, I can do that too. You can do a combination of each as well, getting the best of both worlds.  To really get a good pampering session, I would suggest the having body rub time as foreplay to the intimate companionship option.

For Body Rub Sessions: I have found a video that I like, so I'll give you the site so you may watch for yourself. I have spent many hours studying the techniques and mastering this art. I think you will enjoy it as well.
Hours of Availability
I am available Mon-Fri

Private Incall is available from 8am - 5pm
Outcall after 4pm to 11pm
with NO Sunday availability.

My Location:
Incall is in an Upscale Private Residence. Lakewood.

Returning Clients:
Please do not text or call me to request an appointment. Email is always preferred, even for cancellations. Repeat Clients, should also book future appointments via Email. I do not communicate via the phone at anytime other than 1 hour prior to appointment time to re-confirm time and directions to my location.

Please do NOT abuse the honor of having my phone number. I do not use my phone to chat with clients. It is strictily used for appointment confirmations prior to our session time. Please do not incessantly text my phone all hours of the night. Please email to set appointments with me

Simple Verification:
Like you, I need to feel safe with whom I'm spending time with. I am allowing you to come into MY domain so expecting to come without giving info about yourself is completely unreasonable. You have a guarantee that all info submitted is treated with care and discretion. I will never jeopardize my integrity by compromising your privacy.

In order to set an appointment you will need to provide the info listed below for verification purposes in the form attached below. The main items that I need are:

-your name
-your age
-your general profession
-your phone number

No Google numbers, Tracfones or other Phone Number Masking App will be accepted. Yes, I can identify these methods of deception. I will not call your number during the verification process. In addition, I will never call your number or text it to solicit business. I will only have a brief conversation with you prior to our appointment time to finalize our appointment and to confirm you will be on time and provide you with my address.

Please respect my need for discretion, even on the phone. I will not engage in vulgar talk or answer questions that will compromise my integrity. You have read the preceding pages, so you should know what to expect of our time together. In addition, I do not answer questions in regards to things that are clearly stated on this site. I do not discuss donation info on the phone, you should refer to the site to be aware of what is needed. Nor will I negotiate donation over the phone. If you feel the need to negotiate with me, please do not book a session with me.

Why do you require screening of new clients?
Most quality, legitimate and reliable practitioners have some sort of screening system in place as a way of weeding out undesirable's called having standards. I have them, and I hope you do as well. You may not be getting a quality, safe service if you book time with someone who accepts anyone and everyone into their space- in fact, you may be asking for trouble. Because I value myself, my privacy, and my safety, I need to know that you are safe and with positive intentions.

Set Appointment Time:
Please email me to set a mutual time for us to get together. Be sure to include all the required verification info I have mentioned above in your initial contact so that we may communicate more freely. Include the day and time that you prefer to meet and what session length you desire.
Once you have been verified and an appointment time has been established, I will contact you VIA EMAIL the morning of our appointment to confirm. If you do not respond to the confirmation email, there is a strong possibility that I will rebook the time.
Please allow adequate time when booking an appointment as I do have a variety of professional and personal obligations each day. Same day appointment requests are possible, but at least one hours notice must be given for me to accommodate you

I have deleted any private info about you from your notes to me. If you see your note here and prefer I not use it, please just drop me a note and I will delete it.

Thanks, Cyndi

Sweetie I had an excellent time as,always.thank you. It's beyond fun to be with you.

your customer

Okay...All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  I really appreciated our time together!!! Have a GREAT Weekend!

Thank you for a wonderful few moments.
Have a great rest of the week.


Just a quick note to tell you I really enjoyed meeting you 
It was an amazing time and I am happy to find someone that is supportive of my fetish for xxxxxxxxxxxxx
As you can imagine it is not something I can share with everyone 

Recently I’ve been contemplating retiring from the hobby. It was great medicine during a very difficult year. Just the other day I thought I had made the decision to finally step away, until my encounter with Cyndi that is. It’s encounters like these that make it so difficult to quit. I mean, the great thing about this hobby, is that you can fall in love for an hour, walk out the door, and life returns to normal. No pining after the woman, no need for all that romantic shit. You just check out of the session and you’re done. How great is that!? Well I’ll tell you, not so great if you want to quit...
So, let me tell you about Cyndi… She is very Sexy, plain and simple. And there’s this look in her eyes that says Fuck me with a capital F. This woman is truly a sexual being. She loves to be touched, everywhere. My finger tips and her nipples had an absolute love affair! Not kidding! Her skin you ask? OMG! Exquisite! She has beautifully soft skin covering her entire body. It’s flawless. Okay, she does carry a few extra pounds, but she wears it very well. And while I’m not a breast man, I can say that she has very nicely shaped, large breasts that defy gravity. Yes, they’re natural.
And her scent… Not the one emanating from between her legs, but that pheromone thing. Hers is the kind of scent that you know is there, but you just can’t quite get your hands on it. Just when you think it’s within your reach, it’s gone again. Very elusive, very teasing in nature. But it’s there, and it’s real, and it’s amazing, and it lit me up!
Activities… Let’s just say there was a lot we didn’t participate in, only because it took me nearly an hour just to explore the terrain that is her body. Without a doubt, I left yearning for more.
So much for quitting I guess.